I talked about this on the show last night, and someone didn’t believe there is a photo, but there is and it’s here. This is the Aurora crash of 89′. You can see the aliens leaving the site on the left.

Other people have documented the case better than I’m going to (drop links in comments please).

As I said: there were multiple CREDIBLE witnesses to the “falling object”, one of which was recorded by the local police when they reported. The siting is ON FILE and real.

Unlike a lot of less believable stories, this one happened ON A CLEAR DAY.

This photo was taken by a local pilot’s wife. When the two women landed to get a better view, they were halted by authorities who claimed there were injurred, and that they didn’t want civilians in the way of paramedics, but none of the local hospitals have any record of people injurred in such a crash

The people who were injurred didn’t make it to the hospital, BECAUSE THEY WERE ALIENS.

This is corroberated by a witness who worked at a gas station down the road. He said:

“They had six or eight appendages, and had legs like… like stumps. Their skin was blue, and their eyes were black. They were big, too big to fit in to door, and they clearly wanted something from┬áme. “

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