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Update on old CASE Coming SOOON!!!

Hey I want to talk about something old today, something we haven’t looked at in a while. Something no one’s been talking about for a few years. Isn’t it suspicious how main stream media just dropped the Cabinet… Read More

The Nepelian Rebellion

The name “Beldonac” is said to mean “beautiful gift”: poetic propaganda. They leverage the name of the state itself to allow a gentler interpretation of the siege and surrender of the former Fa-Woelt Nation Many places in our… Read More

The Hoax: Even WEIRDER than you thought.

If you were alive in the 90s, you probably remember when the “Bottled Kittens” website made the news. The website,, claimed to be selling living, miniature cats, in a variety of containers. The newspeople  lost it. There… Read More

War Makes Things Strange

We at Truth AM have several friends who have lived or fought in warzones. Our friends came away from these places not only with physical injuries, not only with psychological damage: they came home metaphysically othered from our… Read More

People keep asking me to talk about the Senate assassinations…

All I’m going to say is thhe splashier the front page, the more I’m checking the small stories for the things they don’t want us to see. Stop watching the news specials and DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. That’s… Read More


What is humanity? What is personhood? Are the two synonymous? These are questions that seem philosophically obvious: of course it is possible for a non-human entity to have personhood, to deserve the moral treatment we reserve for people…. Read More


I talked about this on the show last night, and someone didn’t believe there is a photo, but there is and it’s here. This is the Aurora crash of 89′. You can see the aliens leaving the site… Read More


Wow so many people on the broadcast to night thank you. We’ve now gone to a varity of local car pounds, looking for that pale blue Dover Rival. We found TWO THAT FIT THE DESCRIPTION and one thats… Read More


Last night, we were almost overwhelmed by your support and phone calls. Sorry we couldn’t take everyone. We’ll upgrade out equipment really soon. So you can keep track of the ongoing investigation, we’re doing notes here. This might… Read More


We at TruthAM are DEDICATED TO THE TRUTH. That’s why we stick to the facts, and not speculation. Especially with something important like a missing child. While doing undercover work, I found out about a missing person. People… Read More


I learned that if you get good enough at bowling, you might become a BAGGER. So you will be recruited into their PLOT? It makes sense. The longer you stay in one lane, the more you get exposed… Read More


Since some of you espressed interest last night on the show (THANKS FOR CALLING IN!!), here’s some helpful hints if you want to check out your local bowling alley without the feds figuring out what you’re doing. Dress… Read More


HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED WHY ITS CALLED SPIN ALLEY? Bowling alleys are the greasy underbellies of our cities. The government paid to get them built in the 50s, to attract gamblers and people like that who could be… Read More

is your friend or family member actually A SECRET AGENT?

People are not allowed to say if they are a secret agent. They keep their jobs secret from all their friends and family. They might even be turning over information about YOU. So how can you tell if… Read More

tree research

Why do rich neighborhoods have so many trees? Either the rich have set up THEIR OWN SURVEILLANCE, or  the government doesn’t want them getting too much power and wants TO CONTROL THEM TOO. Either way, people don’t want to… Read More


It’s unknown when this started, but it’s now clear that government plants control most of our cities. The cities that are worst off you can tell them from the fake environmental protesters. These are government workers, they are… Read More


What you’re about to see may shock you. This is what’s actually under the tree holograms. They use the holograms to hide their military bases and testing facilities, that’s why fir trees are tall, so they can hide… Read More


Look at these slimy politicians. They say they’re planting new trees to help the environment, but we know the truth. The trees are a cover up, they are holograms. They aren’t planting plants, they’re planting huge devices that… Read More