What you’re about to see may shock you. This is what’s actually under the tree holograms. They use the holograms to hide their military bases and testing facilities, that’s why fir trees are tall, so they can hide things even in hilly areas.

The redwoods hide testing equipment, like vats. Trees with big leaves dispel sound better, and are used around universities to keep down THE SPREAD OF INFORMATION. Trees with big roots are often found around UNDERGROUND FACILITIES. Which I think is kind of a give-away that they’re doing stuff like that, they should probably change that design, it’s too obvious.

The bigger the tree, the more they have to hide. Do you want to know what a real tree looks like?

That’s right, they’re tiny. Real trees are not the giant things that block our views, and keep us from walking on land that’s rightfully ours. Big trees are a lie. They are all over our cities to KEEP US FROM THE TRUTH.

Small trees are nice though. ((EDIT: Don’t rip up small trees, please!!!))

The problem isn’t small trees, it’s the HOLOGRAMS and the things they are HIDING FROM US. 

Don’t listen to lumberjacks, they work for big wood. Move away from big trees where they can hear you, and don’t let them do plantings near your city.


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