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Update on old CASE Coming SOOON!!!

Hey I want to talk about something old today, something we haven’t looked at in a while. Something no one’s been talking about for a few years.

Isn’t it suspicious how main stream media just dropped the Cabinet Killer story? We’ve always thought it was weird, trial of the century, then five years of lurid and conflicting interviews with the accused, then radio silence?

Someone got in touch with me and they had some wild docs like we’ve never seen. I can’t tell you who they are of course, but it’s a good source, we double verified them.

We’re still working on digitizing them, but we think your mind is going to be blown big time by these.

The Nepelian Rebellion

The name “Beldonac” is said to mean “beautiful gift”: poetic propaganda. They leverage the name of the state itself to allow a gentler interpretation of the siege and surrender of the former Fa-Woelt Nation

Many places in our country have been gifted titles to soften and distance the areas from their past inhabitants.

In 1963, most people were pretty distracted by the tragic death of Harmona Gold, and the first space walk. This was BY DESIGN. The feds wanted as little attention as possible after the massive defection rates in the last war. The army was both severely under-staffed, and compromised for lots of information (for my favorite example of this, check out my blog post on “water repellants” used on classic cars).

One group that decided to take advantage of this, was a tribe on the isle of Nepel off the west coast.

The uprising successfully pushed GAF forces and local law enforcement off all the farmland and areas that the local population knew better.

If people have heard of this conflict at all, most people don’t realize how long it lasted, and what happened to the land after the conflict ended. After 2 years, after the fighting subsided, the first non-government-affiliated journalist managed to sneak into the area and snap a few photos. These images showed the remnants of a devastated rural community. In their desperation to protect their land against a force much larger than theirs, the locals had planted mines on their formerly fertile ground.

The tribe succeeded. The DRG was unable to take the land. No one was able to take back the land.

Most of these photos have been destroyed or lost, but a few found their way into papers or small publications, and from there the copies slipped into attics and basements. You can see the area on old maps, but the roads and railway that used to go through the township have all been wiped away.

And the name of the tribe itself? Silenced. Removed from history books. The former residents tucked away in secret facilities across the country. The government would like us to forget the Nepelian Rebellion. Unfortunately for them, our listeners won’t be silenced – and the even thought up this catchy name for it. Thanks, CottonHorse, for the word-play, and for bringing this story to our attention.

If you’d like to listen to the second half of CottonHorse’s research into Nepel and the modern day fall out of this historic even, or if you have additional information you’d like to add to the case, listen in tonight at two am!

STAY ANONYMOUS. STAY SAFE. New temporary number at the beginning of every episode.

The Hoax: Even WEIRDER than you thought.

If you were alive in the 90s, you probably remember when the “Bottled Kittens” website made the news. The website,, claimed to be selling living, miniature cats, in a variety of containers. The newspeople  lost it. There were think peices everywhere about the coming digital age and the disgusting morals of the lower class. The site was spread mostly by email. People got angry, then sent it to everyone they knew.

The site claimed that the cats were put in their containers at birth, so they could grow into the exact shape of the bottle or box.

One sub-page even claimed that the tub cats could actually be released, if you wanted a cube cat instead. I don’t remember any new stations reporting on that part. They probably only read the front page. Lazy.

The waves of angry people stopped rolling when indepentant journalist site, “”, pointed out while you could argue all day and night about whether cats can be jarred, that “Bottled Kittens LLC” did NOT exist, there was no external confirmation that any sale had ever occurred, and the images were obviously photoshopped. The site was clearly a hoax, if not outright parody!

So things settled down for “”. The site remained up, though. I remember showing it to some of my young relatives just after 2000. It became a curiosity of a begone era.

Then just last year, suddenly there was news about BottledKittens again! A rumor surfaced that the site had a secret backdoor interface which would allow coded messages to be sent, and orders for illicit drugs to be placed. The rumor got confirmed by a hacker known only to internet forums as “FourTwenty420”, who posted a video of themself, clicking on various points of the site, typing in a code, and then entering a chat window. The chatter on the other end immediately realized that FourTwenty420 wasn’t supposed to be there, and shut it down, but it was too late. The video was posted and the secret was out!

Public record shows that violent enforcers in Beldonac and even some SS agents up in Kuler-Naci looked into the site’s creation and managed to track it back to a company called VFD Pool and Spa. Any of you recognize that name? That’s right! It’s a known shell for the Shards, the gang known for illegal imports of big game and exotic animals in the early and mid-90s.

Turns out, it wasn’t drug front, it wasn’t a hoax, it wasn’t for importing bottled kittens either; it was a way for collectors to contact an ivory dealer.

The bottle kitten hoax was a RUSE to turn away suspicion from actual illegal animal trafficking! is a archeological marvel from the first age of the internet, when people still believed in the authority of print. It’s a reminder not to take things at face value, to do our own research, check sources, follow citations, read the statistics, and remember that the powerful will leverage our base emotions to use us as their own propaganda machines.

This case was brought to our attention by one of our long-time listeners and fellow citizen journalists: a huge thanks to NudeWaffles for requesting we look into this one!

War Makes Things Strange

We at Truth AM have several friends who have lived or fought in warzones.

Our friends came away from these places not only with physical injuries, not only with psychological damage: they came home metaphysically othered from our reality.

The stories they bring back seem impossible to most. In one area objects beings seem to lose coherence, merging into one another. In another, aquatic creatures have gained the power of flight. There a even stories of an area where the idea of “scale” has slipped. Here you might wake with one of your feet shrunk down to just an inch wide; or with a capillary bursting out of your arm, suddenly several feet long.

Some believe that stories like these are simply due to stress, or attention-seekers. Others insist that they are a recent phenomena, possibly due to experimentation by the government, extraterrestrials, or both. But these stories are not new.

Take the classic song “Do Your Ears Hang Low”.
This song is not just fun childish non-sense, it refers to a very old folk story.

The story goes that a mother and her child hid for 8 days in a cellar from an invading army, and when they emerged, the child’s earlobes had grown long, wrapped around the mother’s shoulders. They moved to a new town, but were alienated. The mother forced the child to wear their hair long to hide their strangeness. Ultimately the child joined the army, where soldiers with long ears were common. The story ends with entire army disappearing. Some anthropologist take a literal interpretation: that the entire army flew up into the air, or possibly even into space. Others prefer to believe the stories references to “flying” to be simply metaphorical.

In this story, the tragedy is caused not by the literal length of the ears, but by the tension between the reality where long ears exist, and the reality where they do not.

I believe it is this force which causes the continuing disintegration of sense in our world. Many have noted that since the 50s, or perhaps more precisely, since the Great Tangle, our world has slipped into a “post-truth” state.

What if we suppose that the truth that appeared so solid in the 50s was a façade? That it was an attractive, but ineffective attempt to protect the young and innocent from a larger and more awesome world. “Ineffective” because the worlds beyond, being far more chaotic and complex, will inevitably swallow the smaller, simpler and therefor more fragile false reality.

Is what we’re seeing now, when our friends return to us with strange mouths on their palms begging for cheese, or feathers instead of hair, the universe exposing it’s true self?

Or perhaps, is it a gap between realities? Is our refusal to accept experiences that contradict our own as true, causing a third reality: one shaped purely by our shared confusion?

People keep asking me to talk about the Senate assassinations…

All I’m going to say is thhe splashier the front page, the more I’m checking the small stories for the things they don’t want us to see.

Stop watching the news specials and DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.

That’s all I’ve got to say about that.


What is humanity? What is personhood? Are the two synonymous? These are questions that seem philosophically obvious: of course it is possible for a non-human entity to have personhood, to deserve the moral treatment we reserve for people. But when confronted by persons who don’t look like us, again and again throughout history we have failed to move beyond our visceral feelings of discomfort.

Maybe you don’t agree that extraterrestrials have landed yet. Maybe you don’t believe the reports of people coming home from the wars changed. Tell me that you have never experienced alienation, that you have never looked at the face of a loved one, and felt that they were unusually “other” that day.

The physical manifestation of a person is not fixed, it morphs with perception. As we change, so do the forms of those around us. Now, more than ever, we need to remember that our bodies can lie, but our spirits an always recognize the common personhood underneath, if we give them time to speak to us.


I talked about this on the show last night, and someone didn’t believe there is a photo, but there is and it’s here. This is the Aurora crash of 89′. You can see the aliens leaving the site on the left.

Other people have documented the case better than I’m going to (drop links in comments please).

As I said: there were multiple CREDIBLE witnesses to the “falling object”, one of which was recorded by the local police when they reported. The siting is ON FILE and real.

Unlike a lot of less believable stories, this one happened ON A CLEAR DAY.

This photo was taken by a local pilot’s wife. When the two women landed to get a better view, they were halted by authorities who claimed there were injurred, and that they didn’t want civilians in the way of paramedics, but none of the local hospitals have any record of people injurred in such a crash

The people who were injurred didn’t make it to the hospital, BECAUSE THEY WERE ALIENS.

This is corroberated by a witness who worked at a gas station down the road. He said:

“They had six or eight appendages, and had legs like… like stumps. Their skin was blue, and their eyes were black. They were big, too big to fit in to door, and they clearly wanted something from me. “


Wow so many people on the broadcast to night thank you.

We’ve now gone to a varity of local car pounds, looking for that pale blue Dover Rival. We found TWO THAT FIT THE DESCRIPTION and one thats pretty close, so we’re going to look into it too. Got all the plates. We asked the lot owners to keep an eye out for us, but theywanted to see our id. DON’T FALL FOR THIS. STAY ANONYMOUS.

I forgot to mention on the show that one of them had a sign for “CHOP SHOP”. I am on the look out for more signs of lumberjack involvement

We spent part of the episode exploreing the theory that maybe Shamima was NOT actually related to the person claiming to be her mother. Maybe “Shamima” is in fact the baby who was stolen from a grocery store some years back. We thought this theory was interesting, and we’re still interested in seeing if that baby steeler was really related to ex-Secret Service operatives, but the timelines don’t add up. Shamima is 5 1/5, and the baby theft happened in 2005. So we’re going to strike this one off our list.

We didn’t see anything that would disprove aliens.

When we told you about the cars we saw, and you all responded so helpfully! Caller number two hopes to look into the license plate numbers, and investigate the owners. Caller number three was interested in visiting some of the local research facilities.

Next time on Truth AM, we’ll give you all a list of things we’re looking into, if you’d like to join our investigation.

Remember, STAY SAFE. STAY ANONYMOUS. New temporary number at the beginning of every episode.


Last night, we were almost overwhelmed by your support and phone calls. Sorry we couldn’t take everyone. We’ll upgrade out equipment really soon. So you can keep track of the ongoing investigation, we’re doing notes here.

This might be a shocking list for some people, so if missing children is disturbing to you, you can TURN BACK NOW.

Caller number 1 suggested an alien abduction: we thought that seemed pretty plausible. Sudden dissapearances are often done by aliens. But we can’t rule out other options  yet.

Caller number 2 was a PRO TREE LUMBERJACK SHILL. Don’t call if you AREN’T SERIOUS ABOUT TRUTH. (pro tip: if you are getting paid to believe something, that isn’t truth)

Caller number 3 knew Shamima personally, and provided more details! Wow! Caller number 3 saw an unfamiliar car in the neighborhood: a light blue 1998 or 99 Dover Rival.

Caller number 4 was a independent journalist who’s been watching a rise in child abductions in the block states since the 70s. They couldn’t stay on long, but they suggested we investigate colleges or research facilities in the area. Good thinking. The college here has an on-campus bowling alley AND a “forest”.

Don’t try to call the same number again. STAY SAFE. STAY ANONYMOUS. We’ll tell you the new temporary number at the beginning of every episode.



That’s why we stick to the facts, and not speculation. Especially with something important like a missing child.

While doing undercover work, I found out about a missing person. People keep saying these missing persons are arrests, but WHO ARRESTS A FIVE YEAR OLD?
If that’s what the VIOLENT ENFORCERS are doing now, I’m bring my chainsaw to the park and showing them what CITIZEN JUSTICE IS.

Name: Shamima Povey
Age: 5 1/2
Favorite Color: Green with sparkles
Last seen: FEB 3, 2011, Shamima went out the back door to play. The door was open, and the gate to the yard was shut. Shamima’s mother was in the kitchen, but didn’t hear anything unusual

Shamima’s mom says that the dad’s been missing for years (but he was into dissapearing a lot before then too) and doesn’t think he has anything to do with it.
The Violent Enforcers say that it’s none of my business and to stop calling them.

We’ll be SEARCHING FOR TRUTH TONIGHT on the show, if you’ve got any, listen in for the temporary call-in number.


I learned that if you get good enough at bowling, you might become a BAGGER. So you will be recruited into their PLOT? It makes sense. The longer you stay in one lane, the more you get exposed to their conditioning, and it’s a slippery slope from there.

I noticed that if you take a map, and you put a finger where there’s any of those missing persons, there’s almost always a bowling alley near. That can’t be a cooincidence. I think people are getting hooked on bowling, and then somebodies forcing them to become kidnappers. Or they just get kidnapped. I don’t know who’s doing it.

I’ve read some people think it’s arrests for the assassinations, but I think it started before that. Bowling alleys have been around since the 30s, since the Edrinian war I’d say. It’s the perfect cover. It’s loud, there are private rooms and holes in the wall. All you’d have to do is get someone split off from their group and knock them off in the back.

I don’t want to be a bagman for the feds, but I can’t help it I think I have to follow through with this. I want to know THE TRUTH. And I can’t trust anyone else with something this important.

I’ve found lots of photos of bowlers and lumberjacks as well. Very suspicious if you ask me. I think they might be in league.


Since some of you espressed interest last night on the show (THANKS FOR CALLING IN!!), here’s some helpful hints if you want to check out your local bowling alley without the feds figuring out what you’re doing.

  1. Dress normal. Bowling alleys are probably supposed to attract people like you and me, not rich people, so wear normal things.
  2. Do not eat the food! They might drug you. Even if they don’t, you could get heartburn.
  3. Don’t check for bugs. Waste of time. They’re there, but they’re so small you can’t see them anyways and they can always hide them in a hologram anyways.
  4. Wear socks that don’t bunch up or you WILL GET BLISTERS.
  5. If you get the earplugs at the gas station that are plastic with the little ridges then you will be able to hear everything even with all the loud noise. Foam ones don’t work as good and make it feel like you are underwater.
  6. Stake-outs take a LONG TIME. Sometimes it might take more than one stake out to get info. You might want to join a bowling team so it’s not suspicious when you come back again.

But DON”T forget! They could drag you away any time. Only go bowling if you are a true TRUTH SEEKER, and you want to prove that there really is SOMETHIING WEIRD about there being bowling alleys around still.




Bowling alleys are the greasy underbellies of our cities. The government paid to get them built in the 50s, to attract gamblers and people like that who could be USED.

Possible patsies are directed into the noisy environment, and their shoes are sprayed with a suspicious substance. It seems to lower inhibitions and make people want to talk. Then screens flash SUBLIMINAL MESSAGING.

These messages are very frightening I DO NOT recommend looking them up or watching them. I noticed that they all are all very pro monarchy and show a lot of violence against groups.

Some bowling alleys even have special nights where secret messages are revealed on the walls. The messages talk about strikes (DRONE sTRIKES???), often show very specific skylines of cities, and ALWAY ENCOURAGE YOU TO RETURN TO THE BOWLING ALLEY.

Curley fries sprial shape is hypnotic.

I don’t believe what they say about the floors. They can’t be wood. They must be painted. That’s why they use wax and wear smooth shoes so the paint doesn’t come off.

But it is important to get proof. That’s why I’m staking out the bowling alley tonight.

is your friend or family member actually A SECRET AGENT?

People are not allowed to say if they are a secret agent. They keep their jobs secret from all their friends and family. They might even be turning over information about YOU. So how can you tell if someone is safe to asociate with? How do you know when it’s time to let someone out of your life?

First of all, watch how they react to trees, obviously. Take your friend on a walk, and see if they try to make you walk through parks, or as I like to call them “SURVAILENCE ZONES”. They might also use their phone a lot. Especially under trees.

Some people have dogs which they use to stream data through the holographic shells to the electronic retrievers inside. Not all dogs are government dogs, but I stay away from them just to be safe.

If someone suddenly gets a dog, or asks to get a dog, that might be a warning sign DON’T MISS THE RED FLAGS.

If I have a new friend, and I want to hang out with them, I’ll KINDLY ask them to leave their dog at home and request to go someplace with NO TREES. If they are willing to do that, then that’s a good sign I think.

Secret service people have special training and do things very specific ways. Even when they are not at work, they have been BRAINWASHED to do these things. Like hold their hands in “ready position”. if you see your friend or loved one holding their hands like this, BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU SAY IN FRONT OF THEM.

Ready position is not only a sign that they are in the Secret Service, it’s also a sign that they feel like grabbing a gun. Friends should not feel like pulling a gun on their friends when they’re just talking. If they feel like that THEY ARE NOT FRIENDS.

Assume that all new aquaintances have connections to the government and mean the worst. Ask them out to public, non-tree places before you invite them to your home.

I’ll be doing a special follow-up to this week’s episode with special guest, codename “Dragon”. We got a little off track talking about ourselves, and I know your all anxious to know the TRUTH about the TREES and Dragon seems like he’s also VERY INTERESTED IN TRUTH SO TUNE IN.



tree research

Why do rich neighborhoods have so many trees?

Either the rich have set up THEIR OWN SURVEILLANCE, or  the government doesn’t want them getting too much power and wants TO CONTROL THEM TOO.

Either way, people don’t want to talk about it. I understand. It’s a scary thought.

I went out this morning to do some reconnaissance. Most people wouldn’t talk to me. I marked their houses on my map to check on later. They could be the ones maintaining the machines.

One person felt so threatened by the idea of the truth, he called in the ENFORCERS OF VIOLENT OPPRESSION. It’s not illegal to knock on someone’s door though, so they had to let me go. I wouldn’t post pictures of people’s houses or anything, 

I’m not the one running a SUBSERVIENCE STATE.

One brave citizen, however, invited me in for coffee. He had only moved to the neighborhood recently, and wanted to hear what I had to say.

Tune in TONIGHT! Truth AM has its FIRST GUEST!


It’s unknown when this started, but it’s now clear that government plants control most of our cities. The cities that are worst off you can tell them from the fake environmental protesters. These are government workers, they are fighting to perpetuate the idea that trees are friendly things that are good for the environment, and people’s moods.

WRONG. Big trees give off damaging rays because of the hologram projectors that produce them. Have you ever run into a tree? It hurts because it is designed to protect itself… AND IT’S CREATORS THE GOVERNMENT.

Trees are placed along many streets. Obviously, they can use these to monitor citizen’s movements. But I suspect something even more sinister. Trees may be activated to take out “troublesome” citizens.

They watch us in our homes. And at our jobs.


In big cities, you’ll notice that the biggest trees are usually in neighborhoods where the richest people live. This is probably because they are in on it.

I’m going to go to the other side of town tomorrow and start ASKING THE HARD QUESTIONS. Maybe I can get more proof. They won’t expect someone like me to BOLDLY ASK QUESTIONS like that. They think they have us crushed.

They have been watching us since we were kids, and they know everything about us. But now, we know something they don’t want us to know. We can tip the scales. Now that people are starting to SEE, the holograms are beginning to fail!

Their machines are obvious when you look for them! They can’t keep this up for much longer. We just need to keep ASKING HARD QUESTIONS. The holograms will fall, and we will know the TRUTH.


What you’re about to see may shock you. This is what’s actually under the tree holograms. They use the holograms to hide their military bases and testing facilities, that’s why fir trees are tall, so they can hide things even in hilly areas.

The redwoods hide testing equipment, like vats. Trees with big leaves dispel sound better, and are used around universities to keep down THE SPREAD OF INFORMATION. Trees with big roots are often found around UNDERGROUND FACILITIES. Which I think is kind of a give-away that they’re doing stuff like that, they should probably change that design, it’s too obvious.

The bigger the tree, the more they have to hide. Do you want to know what a real tree looks like?

That’s right, they’re tiny. Real trees are not the giant things that block our views, and keep us from walking on land that’s rightfully ours. Big trees are a lie. They are all over our cities to KEEP US FROM THE TRUTH.

Small trees are nice though. ((EDIT: Don’t rip up small trees, please!!!))

The problem isn’t small trees, it’s the HOLOGRAMS and the things they are HIDING FROM US. 

Don’t listen to lumberjacks, they work for big wood. Move away from big trees where they can hear you, and don’t let them do plantings near your city.


Look at these slimy politicians. They say they’re planting new trees to help the environment, but we know the truth. The trees are a cover up, they are holograms. They aren’t planting plants, they’re planting huge devices that work with projectors and gravitational lazers. You can see it, if you’re willing to see the truth.

Press demanded to be at this supposed “tree planting”, that’s why they started the cover story. The press knows the trees are a lie. Older cameras, like the ones the news uses,  show through their fake trees.

They are SEE THROUGH. If you want to SEE you can SEE STRAIGHT THOROUGH.

They are planting machines. They clearcut the area and then they plant the machines. They have to clearcut when they move out their big basses.

I’ve seen it happen. They clear it all out and then they fill the wholes with projectors.

Next week, I’ll show you THE SECRET OF THE TREES.