I learned that if you get good enough at bowling, you might become a BAGGER. So you will be recruited into their PLOT? It makes sense. The longer you stay in one lane, the more you get exposed to their conditioning, and it’s a slippery slope from there.

I noticed that if you take a map, and you put a finger where there’s any of those missing persons, there’s almost always a bowling alley near. That can’t be a cooincidence. I think people are getting hooked on bowling, and then somebodies forcing them to become kidnappers. Or they just get kidnapped. I don’t know who’s doing it.

I’ve read some people think it’s arrests for the assassinations, but I think it started before that. Bowling alleys have been around since the 30s, since the Edrinian war I’d say. It’s the perfect cover. It’s loud, there are private rooms and holes in the wall. All you’d have to do is get someone split off from their group and knock them off in the back.

I don’t want to be a bagman for the feds, but I can’t help it I think I have┬áto follow through with this. I want to know THE TRUTH. And I can’t trust anyone else with something this important.

I’ve found lots of photos of bowlers and lumberjacks as well. Very suspicious if you ask me. I think they might be in league.

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