Last night, we were almost overwhelmed by your support and phone calls. Sorry we couldn’t take everyone. We’ll upgrade out equipment really soon. So you can keep track of the ongoing investigation, we’re doing notes here.

This might be a shocking list for some people, so if missing children is disturbing to you, you can TURN BACK NOW.

Caller number 1 suggested an alien abduction: we thought that seemed pretty plausible. Sudden dissapearances are often done by aliens. But we can’t rule out other optionsĀ  yet.

Caller number 2 was a PRO TREE LUMBERJACK SHILL. Don’t call if you AREN’T SERIOUS ABOUT TRUTH. (pro tip: if you are getting paid to believe something, that isn’t truth)

Caller number 3 knew Shamima personally, and provided more details! Wow! Caller number 3 saw an unfamiliar car in the neighborhood: a light blue 1998 or 99 Dover Rival.

Caller number 4 was a independent journalist who’s been watching a rise in child abductions in the block states since the 70s. They couldn’t stay on long, but they suggested we investigate colleges or research facilities in the area. Good thinking. The college here has an on-campus bowling alley AND a “forest”.

Don’t try to call the same number again. STAY SAFE. STAY ANONYMOUS. We’ll tell you the new temporary number at the beginning of every episode.

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