Wow so many people on the broadcast to night thank you.

We’ve now gone to a varity of local car pounds, looking for that pale blue Dover Rival. We found TWO THAT FIT THE DESCRIPTION and one thats pretty close, so we’re going to look into it too. Got all the plates. We asked the lot owners to keep an eye out for us, but theywanted to see our id. DON’T FALL FOR THIS. STAY ANONYMOUS.

I forgot to mention on the show that one of them had a sign for “CHOP SHOP”. I am on the look out for more signs of lumberjack involvement

We spent part of the episode exploreing the theory that maybe Shamima was NOT actually related to the person claiming to be her mother. Maybe “Shamima” is in fact the baby who was stolen from a grocery store some years back. We thought this theory was interesting, and we’re still interested in seeing if that baby steeler was really related to ex-Secret Service operatives, but the timelines don’t add up. Shamima is 5 1/5, and the baby theft happened in 2005. So we’re going to strike this one off our list.

We didn’t see anything that would disprove aliens.

When we told you about the cars we saw, and you all responded so helpfully! Caller number two hopes to look into the license plate numbers, and investigate the owners. Caller number three was interested in visiting some of the local research facilities.

Next time on Truth AM, we’ll give you all a list of things we’re looking into, if you’d like to join our investigation.

Remember, STAY SAFE. STAY ANONYMOUS. New temporary number at the beginning of every episode.

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