Look at these slimy politicians. They say they’re planting new trees to help the environment, but we know the truth. The trees are a cover up, they are holograms. They aren’t planting plants, they’re planting huge devices that work with projectors and gravitational lazers. You can see it, if you’re willing to see the truth.

Press demanded to be at this supposed “tree planting”, that’s why they started the cover story. The press knows the trees are a lie. Older cameras, like the ones the news uses,  show through their fake trees.

They are SEE THROUGH. If you want to SEE you can SEE STRAIGHT THOROUGH.

They are planting machines. They clearcut the area and then they plant the machines. They have to clearcut when they move out their big basses.

I’ve seen it happen. They clear it all out and then they fill the wholes with projectors.

Next week, I’ll show you THE SECRET OF THE TREES.



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