It’s unknown when this started, but it’s now clear that government plants control most of our cities. The cities that are worst off you can tell them from the fake environmental protesters. These are government workers, they are fighting to perpetuate the idea that trees are friendly things that are good for the environment, and people’s moods.

WRONG. Big trees give off damaging rays because of the hologram projectors that produce them. Have you ever run into a tree? It hurts because it is designed to protect itself… AND IT’S CREATORS THE GOVERNMENT.

Trees are placed along many streets. Obviously, they can use these to monitor citizen’s movements. But I suspect something even more sinister. Trees may be activated to take out “troublesome” citizens.

They watch us in our homes. And at our jobs.


In big cities, you’ll notice that the biggest trees are usually in neighborhoods where the richest people live. This is probably because they are in on it.

I’m going to go to the other side of town tomorrow and start ASKING THE HARD QUESTIONS. Maybe I can get more proof. They won’t expect someone like me to BOLDLY ASK QUESTIONS like that. They think they have us crushed.

They have been watching us since we were kids, and they know everything about us. But now, we know something they don’t want us to know. We can tip the scales. Now that people are starting to SEE, the holograms are beginning to fail!

Their machines are obvious when you look for them! They can’t keep this up for much longer. We just need to keep ASKING HARD QUESTIONS. The holograms will fall, and we will know the TRUTH.

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