is your friend or family member actually A SECRET AGENT?

People are not allowed to say if they are a secret agent. They keep their jobs secret from all their friends and family. They might even be turning over information about YOU. So how can you tell if someone is safe to asociate with? How do you know when it’s time to let someone out of your life?

First of all, watch how they react to trees, obviously. Take your friend on a walk, and see if they try to make you walk through parks, or as I like to call them “SURVAILENCE ZONES”. They might also use their phone a lot. Especially under trees.

Some people have dogs which they use to stream data through the holographic shells to the electronic retrievers inside. Not all dogs are government dogs, but I stay away from them just to be safe.

If someone suddenly gets a dog, or asks to get a dog, that might be a warning sign DON’T MISS THE RED FLAGS.

If I have a new friend, and I want to hang out with them, I’ll KINDLY ask them to leave their dog at home and request to go someplace with NO TREES. If they are willing to do that, then that’s a good sign I think.

Secret service people have special training and do things very specific ways. Even when they are not at work, they have been BRAINWASHED to do these things. Like hold their hands in “ready position”. if you see your friend or loved one holding their hands like this, BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU SAY IN FRONT OF THEM.

Ready position is not only a sign that they are in the Secret Service, it’s also a sign that they feel like grabbing a gun. Friends should not feel like pulling a gun on their friends when they’re just talking. If they feel like that THEY ARE NOT FRIENDS.

Assume that all new aquaintances have connections to the government and mean the worst. Ask them out to public, non-tree places before you invite them to your home.

I’ll be doing a special follow-up to this week’s episode with special guest, codename “Dragon”. We got a little off track talking about ourselves, and I know your all anxious to know the TRUTH about the TREES and Dragon seems like he’s also VERY INTERESTED IN TRUTH SO TUNE IN.



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